Debugging the Lab

Since the very first line of code was written, there have been software bugs (one apocryphal story traces the origin of the term to 1946 when an actual moth was found trapped in the relays of a Harvard mainframe - andfalse

2017 | The Year of the Smart Lab

Now that 2017 resolutions have been made (and, perhaps, already broken), I’m going to go on record with the prediction that 2017 is going to be the year of the Smart Lab. From industrial and commercial sectors, to thefalse

Good News, Bad News | New Generation of Solutions for the Smart Lab and Beyond

As a technologist and a scientist, it is very gratifying to see the technologies that have transformed business and consumer markets being applied to the challenges in the laboratory and beyond. Miniaturization offalse

Hat Tip to IndieBio’s Ambitious Approach to Big Problems

One of the best parts about building a company is the opportunity to work with other people building things. There’s an instant community of understanding when you meet a peer focused on solving a big, serious problem.false

Your lab is talking. Are you listening?

If you’ve ever spent time around children, you know that when all is quiet that something’s not right. You expect a baseline level of comforting noise – chattering, thumping, and a general buzz of activity andfalse

Lessons from the Front Lines | Context Matters

I had the honor of opening the MM&M Transforming Healthcare Conference in New York on 5 May, 2016, kicking off an agenda that explored all phases of the industry, from understanding the patient to the various clinicalfalse

Disrupting the Lab Not the Scientist

Disruptive innovation has made its way through most industries as a driving force for advancement and change. But, the scientific research sector, whether public or private, has remained largely untouched by thefalse

The Case of the Missing Data: Metadata

Research scientists are swimming in data. Every day. Every experiment. The data and the integrity of the data are paramount.They provide documentation of scientific processes and hold keys to success, failure andfalse

Elemental Machines | Helping Scientists Focus on Science

Virtually every startup team has ambitions to solve the world’s most pressing problems. Elemental Machines is no different.When we began contemplating our next adventure and looked at the world around us, our focus keptfalse

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