Can You Trust your Biological Samples?

Our friends at Lab Manager recently published an article written by Arizona State University that stressed the importance of sample integrity when conducting scientific research. Millions of dollars are spent each yearfalse

Tips from the experts on moving your laboratory

Moving is always difficult, especially when you have valuable assets to move safely. Just as you would take care to bubble wrap and carefully pack your fragile dishes and china in your home, you need to take even morefalse

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Is your lab prepared for a power outage?

  Ensuring your valuable assets, such as food, reagents, enzymes, RNA, DNA, embryos and proteins are properly protected in cold storage is difficult enough under normal circumstances. What if you had to contend withfalse

Don't get a Half-Baked Temperature Monitoring System!

Setting up a lab with new equipment can be fun and nerve-wracking at the same time. On the one hand, it’s exciting to have new toys; on the other hand you have to justify the need, cost, space, etc. for the new toysfalse

Are Cold Storage Problems Jeopardizing the Integrity of your Clinical Trials?

It’s no surprise that we here at Elemental Machines are strong supporters of scientific innovation. That’s why recent upward trends in the cost of drug development to over $2 billion  as well as times to market of overfalse

Go Green and Maximize Lab Productivity with AI

There’s a common misconception that going green is expensive and a distracting obligation for large organizations. Few realize that it’s possible to create a greener lab space while actually reducing costs!  Artificialfalse

Your Lab is Melting From the Heat Wave!

As temperatures approach nearly 100°F throughout much of the country this weekend, many of us will seek relief poolside, at the beach, or at our favorite indoor air-conditioned venue. 

Lab of the Future

Improving Reproducibility by Catching Open Door Events

Experimental irreproducibility costs life sciences companies $28.2 billion in R&D annual expenditure. This is manifested in the form of extra time to redo studies and wasted materials such as rare samples and/or costlyfalse

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Utilization Data Optimizes Lab Operations

All enterprises are under constant pressure to reduce costs, including life science operations. Operations Directors are constantly searching for ways to increase equipment utilization and decrease costs. They also needfalse

Elemental Series: Accelerating Science Through Innovation Event Recap

Last week, our team held our very first ever Elemental Series event: Accelerating Science Through Innovation. Our motivation for starting the Elemental Series is to create a community for people interested in applyingfalse

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